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Almond Oil 100ml (Cold Pressed) - 100% Pure Natural Base Oil

RRP17.99 €
14.99 €
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Almond Oil 100ml (Cold Pressed) - 100% Pure Natural Base Oil - Carrier Oil - Rich in Minerals & Vitamins for Intensive Skin Care - Massage - Wellness - Making Your Own Cosmetics - Relaxation - Beauty

Brand: AROMATIKA trust the power of nature

Scent: Prunus

Item form: Cream

Active ingredients: Vitamin E

Unit count: 100 milliliter

Skin type: Sensitive

Special ingredients: Almond Oil

Material type: Gluten Free, Without chemicals, Chemical Free

Item volume: 100 Millilitres

About this item

  • NATURAL COSMETICS – Vegetable base oils are the perfect natural composition for daily skin care, beauty and health treatments. The composition of a carrier oil is similar to human skin fat. As a result, the base oil is absorbed directly along with the relevant nutrients, making the oil the perfect moisturizing moisture.
  • A UNDTHINED CARRIER OIL WITH VARIOUS USES – Known for its moisturizing cosmetic purposes, it leaves the skin soft, smooth and moist, making the Almond Oil very suitable against dry, wrinkled skin. The oil has cell renewing properties, smoothes wrinkles and is the perfect oil for a BEAUTIFUL & YOUNG SKIN. Can be used flawlessly in combination with essential oils, body butters or existing shampoo, day cream, night cream, face cream and eye cream.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - The Almond Oil is Rich in Linolic Acid, VITAMINS A, E. Intensive care for face, body, hair, skin, nails, hands, anti-wrinkle / anti-ageing / anti-cellulite / stretch marks. In addition, the oil is nutritious, moisturizing, emollient, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, has anti-aging effects and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Suitable for men & women and all skin types. The glass bottle protects against direct sunlight, making the product more durable.
  • 100% PURE & NATURAL - the (cold-pressed) undiluted Almond Oil from Aromatika contains only 100% pure and natural ingredients. All oils are free from chemicals, preservatives, microplastics, dyes and are gluten-free, NON-GMO and 100% vegan. All products are not tested on animals. Ideal for massages and other wellness/spa treatments due to its anti-aging, anti-cellulite, weight loss and stretch marks properties.
  • AROMATIKA - Promote your health and beauty with the help of a wide range of 100% pure natural base oils, essential oils, massage oils, body butters, serums shampoos and bath salts from Aromatika. Further detailed information can be obtained using specialized literature on aromatherapy.

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